Grafsteen van Kemp Driewes (1729-1795)

Kemp Driewes Age: 65 years17291795

Kemp Driewes
Given names
Kemp Driewes
Birth December 17, 1729
MarriageMaartje Barends View this family

Birth of a son
Drieuwes Kempes van der Laag
October 17, 1760 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
Betske Drewes van der Laag
1764 (Age 34 years)
Marriage of a childDrieuwes Kempes van der LaagNeeke Andries DasView this family
Type: Religious marriage
1784 (Age 54 years)
Religion: DG
Note: Op 2 mei 1784 met attestatie naar Amsterdam verhuisd.
Baptism of a sonDrieuwes Kempes van der Laag
January 9, 1785 (Age 55 years)
Religion: DG
Death 1795 (Age 65 years)
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